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The idea of employing people: Jin Xin pay attention to the professional ability of the staff, management ability and personal quality. People oriented, to create the unity of the Jin Xin group.
Recruitment hotline: 0535-5923977
Compensation and benefits
1, the company remuneration system more perfect, enjoy insurance, service subsidies, five insurance, meal allowance and enjoy the national legal holidays, marriage leave, maternity leave, paternity leave, funeral leave and other paid holidays;
2, the company has a sports center, basketball courts and other places of entertainment, and for the staff with the bathroom and washing machines;
3, during the Mid Autumn Festival, the Spring Festival and other major festivals, the company issued holiday benefits for employees;
4, every year, the sports meeting, literature and art, etc., to enrich the leisure life of employees.
1, the company has an internal staff restaurant, the restaurant for the buffet, the meal at the cost of the sale, the monthly subsidy of 150 yuan;
2, the company provided free accommodation (bedding), the dormitory TV, air conditioning, wardrobe and other facilities;
3, the company's monthly for the month of the birthday of the staff to hold a collective birthday party, the daily free of charge of fruit.
1, the probation period for pre service training, arrange operators master one-on-one guidance;
2, the company regularly and irregularly organized learning and training, to provide employees with full play to the development platform and promotion opportunities;
3, in our work for six months, can be assisted by the internal management of post competition to the human resources department.


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