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        Penglai Jin Xin Casting Co., Ltd. was founded in October 2007, with a total investment of more than 4000 yuan, covers an area of 33500 square meters. Now has a staff of 200 people, including 30 technical staff, management staff of 20 people, all major technical secondary school or above. The company mainly produces brake pads, brake pads, for domestic and foreign car manufacturers supporting services.
        The company now has 4 production workshop, professional production line 2, intermediate frequency electric furnace 9 units, 40 CNC lathes, with facilities and all kinds of casting, casting, shot blasting, rough machining, finish machining, final detection, cleaning and packaging all procedures are completed within the company, to avoid product quality fluctuations due to different manufacturers may collaborate the.
        In 2015, the company introduced a new casting equipment and casting process, to ensure product quality stability. Annual production capacity of the brake disc can reach 1 million 500 thousand, the annual production capacity of more than 20000 tons. Achieve sales revenue 60 million yuan, profit and tax 1 million 70 thousand yuan.
        Company strict customs of raw materials, suppliers in Shandong Guang Fu Group Limited, Shandong Shenxian Shengyuan Chemical Co. Ltd., Yantai Tongtai renewable resources Ltd. fixed several large well-known enterprises outside the province, with suppliers to establish a good reputation.
        Company's products are sold at home and abroad, the major auto assembly and parts enterprises. Quality product quality and the service of the week way got the customer's consistent high praise. Several years of hard work, the company has also made a number of certification and a number of honors, becoming the industry leader.
        Customer trust and support, the joint efforts of the leadership of the staff, the company spirit of "fine management, lean production, careful operation, precision casting" the spirit of "honesty, and trustworthy" as the operating principle, forward the sustained and stable development, continuous development and growth. We are always ready to provide customers with the best quality products to provide the most satisfactory service.


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